Services Tailored for Private Equity Firms

Executive Search

We help private equity firms determine their portfolio companies’ talent requirements and provide them with a slate of pre-screened, highly qualified candidates for key management and board roles. Our consultative approach is based on developing a deep understanding of our client’s business and goals and utilizing our years of experience to define the requirements for success in a leveraged environment. We work closely with private equity firms to recruit outstanding candidates and then assist those candidates as they transition into their new roles.

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Acquisition and Under-performing business Assessments

We have conducted over seventy management and organization assessments for acquisitions and under-performing businesses. Our extensive leadership and management experience, combined with broad exposure to private equity portfolio companies, multiple industries and diverse investors, has enabled us to provide significant value. Clients have complimented us on the useful insights and recommendations we provide regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and key managers, as well as strategic and tactical issues that could impact value creation.


Board of Directors Services

We work with clients to define board structure and outside director requirements. Having served as an outside director on multiple boards we clearly understand how a board can work well to support management and achieve corporate objectives. Our extensive network of executives often includes strong director candidates. In the event an executive with the necessary background is not known we have recruited them through a search process.

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Operating Partner Support and advisory services

The deep understanding we develop of our client’s businesses has often led them to ask for advice beyond our core search and assessment services. This has included succession planning, restructuring organizations, acquisition integration and assistance with commercial and operating issues. Smaller funds have also had us take on some operating partner responsibilities on both an interim and longer term basis.

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